Medium is one of the top blog sites on the Internet. I have been on this platform since 2016 garnering praise as a top 10 reader and writer. Imagine my surprise at seeing over 4500 monthly views on my page. This warms my heart because I only put my best curated content here on Medium. I truly appreciate all of the love that I have received from you, the reader.

I cover IT, cloud and project management as part of the Medium Partner program. My focus on business is due to helping you become better in these areas. There…

Hey there! I know that it has been a month (or two) since my latest Morning Magnet but I have been ultra busy these past months. I have received my two certifications ( You can read all about them here) and my phone and inbox have been blowing up! That’s why this title is called in demand for May!

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I work with companies in IT, cloud and project management.

Reach out to me at . If you are reading this on my site, click on the contact button and you can reach me there…

I have sit for the SC-900 Microsoft Security Fundamentals beta exam and have passed the certification. Here are my 3 lessons learned from my exam experience.

Learn Both Azure Security and Microsoft Security

When it says Microsoft Security, it means covering all of Microsoft not just exclusively Azure or Microsoft 365. If you are more cloud-based like I am then you need to cover Microsoft Security, Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Endpoint. If you are more Microsoft365-based then you need to take AZ-900 (Azure Fundamentals), learn about Azure Sentinel and Azure AD Domain Services.

Even though this is a fundamentals…

Saturday, May 1, 2021, I celebrated Day 300 of 100 Days of Cloud. This article is all about the these 5 lessons learned from this milestone.

This is all about commitment

Committing 100 days to something is a long-term commitment. You are dedicating over 3 months towards something.

When I started July 5, 2020, I already had 2 AWS certifications. I just wanted to be multi-cloud and dedicate 100 days towards something. I meant why not? We were in the middle of a global pandemic. Might as well did something productive with my time.

This is a marathon not a…

It’s official: I have passed my SC-900 Microsoft Security Fundamentals beta exam! I have received my results today via email! Also it is huge personal achievement for me because this is my first beta exam and I have passed it.

This Monday I received my Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge badge for completing my SC-900 Microsoft Security Fundamentals learning path. I have chosen this path after sitting for the (then beta) exam last month (The SC-900 is now out of beta and in general release).

Receiving this badge certifies completing of the challenge but also my commitment to continually learning about cloud. It also helps that I will receive a free exam voucher upon completion of my learning path.

What’s Next?

I am thinking about using it to sit for either my AZ-500 Azure Security Technologies exam or the SC-200…

I passed my AZ-104 Azure Administrator exam this past April 7th. Here were my 3 lessons learned to help you along the way.

Associate Level Is Way Different Than Fundamentals Level

When I was took my AZ-104 exam, I failed. This made me realize that the associate level was much harder than the fundamentals level. The associate was more than vocabulary memorization. You had to know what was going on with the services and cloud protocols.

Be Prepared For Azure Certification Changes

Microsoft changes its exams every 2–3 months. As someone who started in AWS, that could be a…

It’s official: I am so happy that I have (finally) passed this exam. I failed my first exam on February 1 st(I completely forgot all about scheduling it). 2 months later and I passed.

This is my first Azure associate exam. It is completely different level of difficulty versus the Azure fundamentals exam. I want you to know about this upfront so that you can adjust your studying habits.

This is also why passing my exam is so fulfilling because I have overcome. Also I am now a cloud administrator.

Here are the resources that I used this time…

April is off to an awesome start. I am looking forward to the rest of this month.

Being Sought Out

This first week of April, I am happy to be sought out. Thursday I received 2 interviews. In addition, I received 2 Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge emails, a cloud recruiter contacted me via LinkedIn and my Youtube kept receiving over 2500 monthly video views. You can subscribe here.

It feels great to keep the momentum going through video marketing. People are watching and sharing my videos. Although I have also released my March cloud computing video series. I will run…

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP Loan) has been extended and be on the lookout for new Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program updates and the opening of the Shuttered Venues Program. I covered some of this in last week’s Carla’s Corner newsletter.

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President Biden Extends The Paycheck Protection Program Until May 31, 2021

On March 31, 2021, President Biden signed the PPP Loan Extension Act extending the program until May 31, 2021. His extension provides some much welcome relief. …


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