3 Lessons Learned From My Passing My AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam

2 min readJul 2, 2020

Last week Tuesday, I passed my AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification. Now I am back with the 3 lessons learned from this experience in hopes of helping those who are currently pursuing this cloud certification. I have also written one for my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. If you are studying for this, please check it out here.

Momentum Is Big

I Passed my CCP in May 2020. Coming fresh off of this and getting my SAA in June lets me retain a lot of my AWS certification format knowledge. Momentum is big regardless of whatever certification exam you take. If you have to take more than one certification with a particular vendor then recency is a very big factor.

This Process Has Stretched Me

I have experienced a lot of firsts while passing my SAA. This is the first time that I have gotten certified back to back. Prior to 2020, I have never received a professional certification in one month let alone back to back. Furthermore, before now, I have only passed one certification per year. Including my ITIL 4 Create, Deliver and Support exam, I have passed 3 certification exams in 6 months! This is a record for me.

How have been stretched?

Personally I have learned new time management skills to compartmentalize everything. I have to learn how to do this in order to pass 2 exams in 2 months. Furthermore, I have learned how to streamline my notes. Services like IAM, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, VPC and Route53 are on both the Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect Associate.

Professionally, receiving my SAA has increased my demand. The CCP is foundational whereas SAA is associate. This associate level means that you have some proficiency with cloud computing.

Deepen My Cloud Learning

The Solutions Architect Associate (SAA) is not surface learning. I do like the opportunity to learn more about new AWS services. This is coming from a longtime techie who has been programming since high school.

This process has also motivated me to become multi-cloud (learn how to use more than one cloud computing software). When I enroll in the workforce development training program, I have notified the specialist that my ultimate goal is becoming multi-cloud. Now that I have two AWS certifications under my belt, I will expand into MS Azure and Oracle.

My Solutions Architect Associate cloud journey has expanded and elevated my cloud computing knowledge. I am already ready for the next leg of my cloud be it AWS or another vendor.

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