3 Things I Learned From Passing The SC-900 Exam

I have sit for the SC-900 Microsoft Security Fundamentals beta exam and have passed the certification. Here are my 3 lessons learned from my exam experience.

Learn Both Azure Security and Microsoft Security

When it says Microsoft Security, it means covering all of Microsoft not just exclusively Azure or Microsoft 365. If you are more cloud-based like I am then you need to cover Microsoft Security, Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Endpoint. If you are more Microsoft365-based then you need to take AZ-900 (Azure Fundamentals), learn about Azure Sentinel and Azure AD Domain Services.

Even though this is a fundamentals exam, it is not for beginners. You do need to know about cybersecurity. For instance, I knew about BitLocker, confidentiality, integrity and availability, and have studied for the CompTIA security+ 401 and 501 way before sitting for the SC-900. In order to pass you would need to know some cybersecurity.

It’s Different From The Other 900 Exams

In the beginning, there was a lot of speculation if the new Microsoft Security certification series was nothing more than a money grab. I can now say that this is not. Having taken AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals, DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals, and AI-900 Azure Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals, I can attest that this SC-900 is quite different.

Right now I am studying to pass the AZ-500 Azure Security Technologies. I can tell you that the AZ-500 is different from the SC-900. SC-900 covers both Azure and Microsoft 365. As a cybersecurity professional, there is a need for learning on-premises, hybrid and cloud native security. This is where SC-900 and the new Microsoft Security certifications are filling in the gap.

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