Medium is one of the top blog sites on the Internet. I have been on this platform since 2016 garnering praise as a top 10 reader and writer. Imagine my surprise at seeing over 4500 monthly views on my page. This warms my heart because I only put my best curated content here on Medium. I truly appreciate all of the love that I have received from you, the reader.

I cover IT, cloud and project management as part of the Medium Partner program. My focus on business is due to helping you become better in these areas. There…

I come bearing GIFTS! You can count on Curated by Carla to always give you news that you can use! This week I am highlighting Oracle, Microsoft, SBA and AWS.

Oracle Is Offering FREE Cloud Training And

#OracleCloud #OracleCertification #CloudComputing From now until December 31, 2021, Oracle is offering free training and exam vouchers for 15 certifications. …

From now until December 31, 2021, Oracle is offering FREE training and exam vouchers for 15 of its Oracle Cloud certifications! This is huge news for 2 reasons:

  • This gives you a FREE chance to upskill and reskill your…

A lot has happened since last week. I am back with learning how to make an app. The independent service provider has a security scorecard and app integrations. I know that need to have this skill but I am so busy right now. I have two Microsoft Azure certifications, and Oracle Cloud recertification process.

However, I will do an AWS app because I think that app development would be something that would help me professionally. Also I can set a goal of creating my own app for my website.

I am also wanting to learn more about MemoryDB because there…

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Welcome to the first issue of Curated by Carla. I’ve created this newsletter for all of you, my Twitter Family! Twitter is a fast moving place where if you — literally — blink you will miss it! I want you to never miss anything so this newsletter is all about giving you this week’s highlights.

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Okay y’all. Transparent moment: I missed my independent service provider (ISV) over someone saying something stupid. I had a mind block and completely forgot about my 12pm meeting.

Well, that happened. Anyway, I still manage to guide and help other AWS Community Builder aspirants with their applications. I am letting you know this because it is essential to document the good, the bad and the ugly.

However that DOES NOT MEAN that I don’t have anything else that I am working.

O on the contrary, I am busy working on Terraform. Terraform is a a DevOps (development operations) multi-cloud program. I have always been big on multi-cloud for years.

The AWS Community Builder application closed this past Monday. That does not mean that you stop.

NO! You Must Keep Going And Build Your Portfolio!

When I applied in March 2021, I still kept participating in the 100 Days of Cloud receiving my Azure Administrator Associate and Microsoft Security Fundamentals certifications. There was NO QUIT in me!

There Should Not Be Any In You Either!

You should still be participating in labs, learning paths, blogging and doing hackathons. Even now that I’ve been in the program since May, I have created my This Week in AWS Community blog series, received my AI-100 Azure AI Engineer certification, actively participating in promoting the new AWS Community Builder application process…

Today Is Day 425 of 100 Days of Cloud challenge. It has started on my birthday so this 100-Day cycle is extra special! A quarter way into this cycle, I have experienced so many things.


  • August 9th- My birthday!
  • August 10th- Attend my first AWS Community Builders Independent Service Provider (ISV) Meeting
  • August 16th- Sit for the AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate Beta Exam
  • August 24th- Started studying to pass the Terraform Associate certification
  • August 26th- Complete the ACT MS Cloud Skills Challenge

August has been very productive. I sat for my second beta exam AZ-700. I would like to…


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