Medium is one of the top blog sites on the Internet. I have been on this platform since 2016 garnering praise as a top 10 reader and writer. Imagine my surprise at seeing over 4500 monthly views on my page. This warms my heart because I only put my best curated content here on Medium. I truly appreciate all of the love that I have received from you, the reader.

I cover IT, cloud and project management as part of the Medium Partner program. My focus on business is due to helping you become better in these areas. There…

Hey everybody! I am back with an all-new installment. This week I am studying to pass my AWS SysOps c-01 exam before it expires. It has been very hard since for nearly 1 year I have been over studying and passing Microsoft Azure certifications (Hey Microsoft was offering free exam vouchers upon completing its monthly Cloud Skills Challenge!). However, I have made progress with my passing the Whizlabs free practice test retake.

SysOps has gone all the way back to my Ohio Means Jobs AWS training in August 2019. Yes, it has been that long but things happen. …

Another week, another this week in AWS Community! Well, today’s entry comes out of nowhere: I literally was about to release resources that I am using to pass my AWS SysOps exam.


We got swag! The program manager literally emails me to get over to Slack to help him see if the swag form works. I have tried it out and it does. This means that in 2–4 weeks my AWS Community Builders Program swag will come.

This also shows that the program manager sees me as a reliable person to randomly reach out to me regarding this. I…

Okay everyone! This week I am venturing back to studying to pass my AWS SysOps exam. The older version is retiring July 26 th. For those who are new, I am enrolled in the Ohio Means Jobs Cuyahoga County workforce development training program. OMJCC has paid for Certified Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect Associate, SysOps Administrator and Solutions Architect Professional exam prep training. In 2020, I received my Certified Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect Associate

Now I am back passing my AWS SysOps Administrator exam. And I admit that I am in the same position like I was in last year…

Today, July 5, 2021, I celebrate 1 year of 100 Days of Cloud. This challenge has helped me upskill and reskill. Here are my top 10 lessons learned. May this help someone who has just started the 100 Days of Cloud challenge or is nearly the end of Day 100 and contemplating whether or not to continue the challenge.

I Can Give Anything 1 Year

When I started July 5, 2020, I had no idea that I would had accomplished so much. …

Things are starting to appear to be rolling. I am getting tagged for new volunteer opportunities on the Slack channel. When out of nowhere someone from AWS contacts me regarding the AWS machine learning summit. The person says that the system says that I had not attended. That wasn’t true. I watched some sessions and made a LinkedIn connection there. I promptly responded to his questionnaire telling him that working as an AWS machine engineer was one of my main goals upon finishing the Community Builders Program. …

How much time do you spend on social media everyone? More than you’d care to admit. Don’t feel bad. You’re in a way modeling the same behavior as your potential buyer. This social media habit brings me to this week’s edition: social media shopping.

What is social media shopping?

According digital marketing agency, BigDrop, social media shopping (aka social commerce) is when companies selling products directly in social media platforms. This is a very huge phenomenon as billions of people are using social media apps every single day.

The Drum reports that social media shopping is set to pull in…

Things are starting to pick up over. I have gotten accepted May 15, 2021, attended the online onboarding webinar on June 3, 2021 and now I am starting to receive interest in my first AWS Community Builder assignment.

This assignment would be with independent services provides (ISV). I legit did not know what an ISV was until after my conversation with the person at AWS. Once I googled the term, all of these search results popped up spanning all different cloud providers beyond AWS. This ISV things is huge. I will check it out.

With that iron in the fire…

Received a testimonial from a watcher who wanted my advice regarding CSM Renewal Video

My brand has always been about helping professionals in the areas of IT, cloud and project management. Well, we have another testimonial. This time it’s coming from a YouTube viewer who has watched Scrum Master renewal video and hit me up to inquire the certification renewal process ( You can read the related blog post here too. ).

See, this is my why for creating a YouTube channel. I want you to be able to develop yourself and get up-to-date certification information in the areas of IT, cloud and project management.

I have been talking a lot about scrum…


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