AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA : Rollover Period

1 min readJul 2, 2022

The AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA Slack moderators have officially opened the June 2022 thread for the new cohort. If we have not gotten our exam vouchers and/or pass the Solutions Architect Associate (SAA) we can roll over there. Hence the title of this blog!

If you’ve been reading you would know that I am getting a lot of full-time cloud computing opportunities. And not just in AWS but also Azure and Google Cloud. I am very happy about the work that I have put in to get to this point. However, it also means that I am not able to sit for the SAA exam during the April 2022 cohort. Thursday was an AWS She Builds CloudUp office hours for the Americas (AWS She Builds is out of Australia) but I was in the middle of a cloud interview.

My goal now is to do that during the June 2022 cohort because the SAA-C02 retires August 29, 2022 and the SAA-C03 exam debuts August 30, 2022. I am getting it done this summer.

Originally published at on July 2, 2022.


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