Curated By Carla — Issue #15 — Crystal Clear Focus

3 min readDec 17, 2021

Hey everybody! This is our 15th issue. 15 of anything is the crystal anniversary so in our crystal issue, I am providing you all of the resources necessary to end 2021 on a high note and start off 2022 even better than this year!

Last Thursday night I sat for the AZ-305 Azure Architect Expert beta exam! Here’s my experience (Caution: It was a doozy!).

My AZ-305 Beta Exam Testing Experience — Carla R.
I took the AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate which was the hardest associate exam that I ever took and AZ-305 required way more thinking and Azure background knowledge than AZ-700.

Another Friday means another all-new This Week In AWS Community.

Thsi Week In AWS Community: Get It In Writing — Carla R.
Hey everybody! This week has been rather enlightening. I’ve blogged about my passing my CompTIA Certified Tech Trainer certification exam this past Saturday night. I was going to use my most recent AWS webinar for the virtual classroom but was surprised to learn that the host did not feel that they would sign off because it was not an hour long, the content, no one asked any questions and I did not go into details.

Last Saturday night, I passed my CompTIA Certified Tech Trainer Essentials exam. I have been helping so many professionals get certified. Now I want to make it official with certification. Read all about my journey here.

I Passed My Certified Tech Trainer CTT+ Exam! — Carla R.
On Saturday night, I am happy that I have passed my CTT+ Essentials certification exam scoring 850/1000. I have always been helping others get certified so now I want to make it official.

Not everyone is in the Christmas spirit. If you or someone you know is down this time of year, read this article about…


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