Evaluating Evernote for Business Using EVM

Clear business communication is vital towards small business sustainability. Think of communication as a market signal. Every day on the stock exchange, businesses report their quarterly earnings. The exchange goes up and down according to this news. Small business communication is no different. It is essential to ensure that the recipients in your marketplace clearly understand the value proposition that you’re promoting. Your target audience needs to understand that your product will save them time, money or both. Cloud communication is one of the great equalizers because any small businessman can save his documents to the cloud accessing them from anywhere. I’m using earned value management to see if Evernote for Business will help the small business owner increase his productivity, save time and money via the cloud.

Earned value management is a way to measure your time and cost efficiency. Most people wrongly think that earned value management is only for Corporate America. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. I will provide you with the background knowledge and some important variables in the next paragraph.

I start off with the basic three variables: planned value, earned value and actual cost. Planned value is the original planned work. Earned value is the actual work that’s done. Actual cost is how much money you’ve spent on a project. The actual cost is $69.99 annual base fee and $12/ person a month. The base fee must be paid regardless of however many months you want to use Evernote for Business. There are 10 people (including yourself) using Evernote. The total actual cost is $189.99 for this first month. The planned value is to save $7500 on your company retreat. The earned value is that your company has saved $10,000 after using Evernote for Business.

*The staggered price example is realistic in the marketplace. Oftentimes, you have more than one type of fee that you have to pay. In this case, Evernote has an annual base fee and a monthly user. I try keeping these examples as realistic as possible.*

These three variables are used to compute the cost variance and the schedule variance. The schedule variance is earned value — planned value. It compares how much work you’ve completed against the original plan. The cost variance is earned value — actual cost.

There are three categories for evaluating both schedule variance and cost variance. These categories help make better decisions.

Schedule Variance

  • EV > PV = ahead of schedule
  • EV = PV = on schedule
  • EV < PV = behind schedule

Cost Variance

  • EV > AC = under budget
  • EV = AC = on budget
  • EV < AC = over budget

Using earned value management, your schedule variance is SV = EV — PV = $10,000-$7500=$2500. This means that you are ahead of schedule. Now let’s calculate cost variance. Your cost variance is CV = EV- AC = $10,000-$189.99=$9810.01. This means that you are under budget and getting the most bang out of your buck using Evernote for Business.

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Originally published at www.pm.expert on May 2, 2017.

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