February 2024 Certification List Update: Well That Was An Experience

4 min readMar 1, 2024

Well, we are at the end of February 2024 and as on schedule is the February 2024 certification list update. Here is the 2024 certification list for the benchmark.

Since last time

Kryterion Is Back At It

Kryterion did it again. This time with the GCP Cloud Digital Leader beta exam. I was supposed to sit for this exam Friday, February 16, 2024 but NOPE! 3 ½ hours after my 9:30pm EST start time, it was déjà vu like with Salesforce. I tried three browsers (Chrome, Edge and Mozilla). When I went with Mozilla, that browser told me that Kryterion biometrics scanner was slowing Mozilla down. Just a shame.

Power BI Class

I have managed to make Power BI load faster: go directly to the Microsoft Apps Store. I have managed to load Power BI within 3–5 minutes (10 minutes the longest). It has been a gamechanger for me!

I have been doing Power BI at least 3 times a way so I am starting to retain knowledge. I am proud that starting week 3 (I’ve just submitted week 4 homework this week), I have done my homework myself. I have also managed to complete my first exam by myself without scheduling office hours.

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