How People Are Passing Their AI-900 Exams Using My Content

2 min readJan 27, 2021

The Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals exam (AI-900) is one of the hardest fundamental exam. It also does not have as many exam prep resources as the Azure Fundamentals and Azure Data Fundamentals because the AI-900 covers artificial intelligence.

I see the need to fill the gap which is why when I passed mine, I wrote two articles: I Passed My AI-900 Exam and 5 Lessons Learned From My Passing My Azure AI Fundamentals Exam. These articles have helped people on LinkedIn pass their exams. I am glad to be of service and guide others towards realizing their professional dreams.

Artificial intelligence is the hottest field in 2021. There is a dire need to qualified and certified AI professionals. Professionals using my material is a great way to fill that need this year and beyond.

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