ISC2 Has A One Million Certified in Cybersecurity To Close The Diversity Gap

1 min readSep 5, 2022

The ISC2 has a new diversity equity inclusion (DEI) called One Million Certified in Cybersecurity. This initiative is spearheaded to close the diversity gap.

ISC2 is sponsoring 1 million free Certified in Cybersecurity certifications. This is the new junior-level cybersecurity certification. The target audience is professionals with 0–3 years’ cybersecurity experience.

Here are some program highlights:

The online exam prep training is FREE with the purchase of the voucher * starting at $199*

ISC2 Candidate membership waived for the first year *if you pass the Certified in Cybersecurity exam, you would pay the $50 annual fee.*

Full disclosure — I have joined the ISC2 Candidate program for free because my end goal is to become a CISSP. The CISSP is the senior-level cybersecurity certification that requires 5 years’ cybersecurity experience. Getting the CISSP has been on my 2022 certification list.

Certified in Cybersecurity exam information

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