Join the AWS PartyRock Hackathon To Win Prizes Through March 11, 2024

2 min readFeb 3, 2024

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is coming with all of the gifts and prizes. From now through March 11, 2024, AWS is hosting a hackathon where you can win different prizes totaling $120,000.

PartyRock is the AWS generative AI app builder where you can input prompts and output an app. You can test it out here. No code necessary!

Also feel free to check out my two AWS PartyRock created apps:

· Project Management Assistant App

· Positive Quote Generator

Per this official DevPost article, here are the requirements below:


What to Create

1. Create or Remix a PartyRock app to fit into one of the following categories:

· Interactive Learning Experience — virtual science lab, language lesson, etc.;

· Creative Assistant — music composition assistance, story idea generator, etc.;

· Experimental Entertainment — interactive story, Role Playing Games, etc.;

· Freestyle — any project that doesn’t fall into one of the categories above.





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