Midweek Review: Machine Learning Motivation

2 min readNov 11, 2020

I am all in with machine learning especially since I am a techie and have the math background to do it.

Continuing Machine Learning

I am continuing my AWS machine learning studies. Having a solid math background helps matter. During my learning, I come across gradient. I remember gradient from vector calculus. I do feel that this background helps me better understand the material.

Happy To Help Others

This past weekend I celebrated my 125 thday of 100 Days of Cloud. I get a whole lot of joy out of helping others on their way into cloud computing and project management. I want to be the help that I have not received throughout my professional career.

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This week on www.carlarjenkins.com will be all about project management and 100 Days of Cloud. This site will be the best resource for IT, cloud and project management.

More Recruiters Getting In Touch with Me

I have kept sustaining October’s momentum well into this week Today Wednesday, I have just gotten off a Skype panel interview. Furthermore, yesterday evening, I had a phone screen for a job out of nowhere. I uploaded my resume with Azure cloud certifications and that company got in touch with me for another position which I have not applied for until after the phone screen.

This example proves why self-investment is essential towards career advancement. All 4 cloud certifications that I have received throughout 100 Days of Cloud, I have received through self-financing. I have either paid my money or have received free exam vouchers. I wouldn’t be in my current position depending solely on the Ohio Means Jobs AWS training money.

Attended CARES Workshop

Keeping up with financial empowerment, I attended a CARES webinar to learn more about the possibility of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) 2.0 and Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) 2.0. Sub to my email list to get all of this exclusive information before anyone else.

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