My 2 Key Takeaways From Taking The SC-900 Beta Exam

I have taken the SC-900 Microsoft Security Fundamentals beta exam. This is my first foray into Microsoft Security specifically. I have passed three Azure cloud certifications and want to learn more about security so I have taken the plunge. Here are my 2 key takeaways from sitting for the SC-900 exam.

The Training Resources Were Okay But You Do Need To Supplement Them

To study I have used

· Microsoft Learn learning path

· John Savill’s SC-900 Exam Cram

· Whizlabs practice exams

They were okay in my preparation. I have also supplemented these main resources which other Microsoft Learn modules, reading the Microsoft documentation and the Privilege Identity Management John Savill video.

I will also say that the SC-900 did not have any labs. Having used Microsoft Learn to pass my AZ-900 there were labs. With Microsoft Learn to master Azure cloud, you needed to be able to do some lab work. I would recommend that Microsoft Learn add some built-in labs around conditional access and Microsoft 365 so that the learned gets the full experience working with Microsoft Security. I am glad that I have done this because in beta you don’t know what to expect and these have filled in a lot of gaps.

There are a lot of Microsoft 365, on premises, conditional access and hybrid cloud configuration questions. I have 3 Azure cloud certifications. It is even between this and Microsoft 365.

The security is about all of Microsoft security not just Azure. Therefore, if you are heavy on the Azure cloud side, I would recommend going through Microsoft 365 or even doing the MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals exam first to grasp its service offerings first. Conversely, if you are heavy on Microsoft 365 then I would recommend learning Azure or even passing AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals first.

Of course, the SC-900 is currently in beta as of this publication (but the 80% discount is gone so you would either pay $99 or receive a free exam voucher, like the author). I hope that my review helps you along the way.

Originally published at on March 25, 2021.

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