SAFE 5.0 Scrum Master — Day 3

2 min readJun 16, 2021

Once again, I am having issues. This time Windows 10 is kicking out my wi-fi forcing me to constantly restart my computer. Next I have to find instructions to do an online repair of my Microsoft 365 because (you’ve guessed it!), Windows 10 has messed that up too. However, it is day 3 of my SAFe Scrum Master training and you WILL get this story!

Okay so I ask the instructor if the certification exam was an open book or closed book exam. When he says closed book exam, out of nowhere the same person who texted the group that it was an open book texted saying that ‘This is my fourth exam prep course. No one is monitoring your camera or you work’. Um, that can have your certification exam snatched and banned by the accreditation body. Some people are just lazy I tell you! Anyway, I am very happy that I have stayed consistently throughout the whole thing because I am ready to pass my exam tomorrow night!

I have even taken the practice exam furnished by Scaled Agile. I have to give a course review where I detail the whole Scaled Agile meetup out of nowhere and not being able to log back in because the instructor is hosting another Zoom meeting escapades. After completing the course survey, I take the practice exam scoring 82%. This fuels my fire to pass my exam tomorrow night.

I admit that during the second half of class, I have skimmed through some things (I know that the Dot review will NOT be on the exam!). However, I have learned how to save the Zoom meting chat. I have saved them on my red laptop so I will transfer these chat transcripts via email. My goal is to be SAFe Scrum master certified by Thursday. Not even the instructor saying that the actual exam is harder than the practice exam scares me. I have been preparing for this moment for over 2 weeks! I am getting my certification!

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