SBA Allows 3rd and 4th COVID EIDL Hardship Extensions

2 min readNov 4, 2023

I have very big news especially if you or someone you know is a small business owner with a COVID EIDL (economic injury disaster loan).

The Small Business Administration is now allowing 3rd and 4th hardship accommodation extensions. This means that you can potentially get reduced payments for up til another year. Skip is the first to report this major news.

I know that given this challenging economy, many small business COVID EIDL recipients are still trying to make ends meet. Since EIDL is not forgivable like the former Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), the SBA is offering hardship accommodation options.


There are 2 categories: a) under $200,000 and b) over $200,000. If your business is under $200,000 then you would file directly on the SBA Lending portal. If your business is over $200,000 then contact the SBA directly at this email address:

I know that I have a lot of new subscribers (and thank you by the way!) so you’ve may have missed my prior SBA COVID EIDL emails. You can get this and more information from my previous hardship accommodation Medium blog post.

I just need you to get all of the available information to ensure that you can best position yourself to receive a 3rd or 4th hardship accommodation to get you and your business back on track!




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