Thirty-Three Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap: Google Layoffs

2 min readJan 25, 2023

Friday, January 20, 2023, Google laid off 6% of its global workforce. This was shocking because this news came two days after Microsoft laid off people. Tech is getting banged up right now.

These layoffs trickle down to the GCP Jumpstart Program because the staff are Google workers. As I have mentioned in my 31stGCP Jumpstart session recap, my mentored tried reaching out to the program manager three times but did not hear back. As of this publication, we still have not heard from her.

These layoffs increase the uncertainty level but also opportunity. Instead of applying directly to Google, apply to companies using GCP. They still have GCP contracts and are using the software.

Also check out the US federal government which are hiring GCP jobs as part of its multi-cloud push. The Pentagon Cloud has four partners: AWS, Azure, GCP and Oracle Cloud. Google is still doing with the US federal government. It is called the public sector division.

How Does The Google Layoffs Affect Me?

I am shifting my job search due to these layoffs. I have started looking at becoming a Google Authorized Trainer (For those who have followed, you would know that I have completed the CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer exam and am eligible towards becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer). The trainers teach the company’s workers who are new GCP.

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