This Week In AWS Community : All In The Video

2 min readJul 29, 2022

AWS Community Builders Video Is Out

Happy Friday everybody! I am back with an all-new installment. And this is a particularly great one because *drum roll* the official AWS Community Builders Program YouTube video is out! Even though I did not make the cut it is the fact that we are (finally!) getting some publicity!

Watch it below!

Busy With Cloud Interviews

This whole week I have been in between Azure, AWS and interviewing. Matter of fact, I have missed yesterday’s AWS machine learning office hours because I had a cloud interview from someone on the West Coast (I am in DC.). I am happy that things are picking up which are good.

I have also started implementing more labs because I have been away from that. It is one thing to read the docs but actually doing the work is essential. I have managed to do well in my AWS data architect interview this week by studying and knowing IoT solution architecture. Got to keep my skillset sharp.

Udacity And AWS Machine Learning

I have restarted doing the Udacity machine learning course. I am 29% complete after completing both the introduction and my second machine learning course. These are entry-level with my knowing a whole lot of this. However, I will say that I am getting a refresher on things that I may have forgotten. Also I am learning new algorithms. I will dedicate another one hour towards completing another course later Friday.

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