This Week In AWS Community: AWS PartyRock

2 min readNov 17, 2023

Hey everybody! I am back with an all-new brand announcement: Amazon Web Services (AWS) has just released PartyRock, a no-code generative AI app builder. No need to be a coder or a developer. You can just enter a prompt and — boom — out comes your app! It’s so easy that I’ve made not ONE but TWO apps using PartyRock. And you get to see them before anyone else on Medium!

Project Management Assistant

My Project Management Assistant to help you better manage your work projects

I am a 10-year certified Project Management Professional (PMP) so project management is top of mind. I want to create an app that helps you at work. Project management is also a sought after field. Every company needs better project management. Use my Project Management Assistant app

Check out my video below:

Positive Quote Generator

I have my positive quote generator using AWS Partyrock . I am all about positivity and overcoming a setback. If you’re having a down day, use the positive quote generator for a pick me up!

Here is the response below

Prompt: Here is an uplifting, positive quote for having a happy day despite a setback

“A setback is a setup for a comeback. Though the moment may be difficult, keep your head high and your heart light. This too shall pass. Focus on the good around you, take a deep breath, and have faith that better days are ahead.”

Check Out my video below:

Outside my two apps, I’ve used the Haiku Creator.

My prompt: write a poem based on sunshine. The Haiku Creator gives me BOTH a text-based haiku poem AND an image. What I also like about the Haiku Creator is that the image is a PNG file which has better resolution than a JPEG file. View my image below:

Get started using AWS PartyRock here!




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