This Week In AWS Community : Beta Is Better

2 min readSep 23, 2022

Happy Friday everyone! AWS Community Builders is all about trying out new products and services aka beta. This week I am signing up for even more opportunities.


For a few reasons: 1) I am an early adopter (I do believe that my first mover mentality is a reason why I am in this program and have been accepted into a second year), 2) I am about continuous learning , 3) I am a techie who likes tinkering with things and 4) some of these features become general availability and may wind up on some AWS certification tests. These beta opportunities check off all four boxes. As a Builder, you will get a chance to participate in beta opportunities too.

And Now A Little Bit About AWS Certifications

I do want to delve a little bit deeper into the #4. AWS certifications are mandatory for AWS Community Builder program acceptance. There is no Builder without a couple. As it pertains to betas, you will get to see the new service before everyone else. That shortnes your learning curve. You get to learn the service and that would help you on your exam.

Hands-On Knowledge

You cannot discount hands-on knowledge. I always include hands-on while studying to pass my AWS certification. I mean it is essential to have practical knowledge of how a service works. This transferable skill can be applied on your cloud job. I like hitting the ground running at work because that means that I know what I am doing.

Beta opportunities provide you with a chance to strengthen your AWS cloud and programming knowledge separating you from other applicants. I would say that I have made it deep into the interviewing rounds based on my being an AWS Community Builder.

AWS Solutions Architect Professional Current Exam Retirement Date

Speaking of AWS certifications, the current Solutions Architect Professional (SAP) exam will retire November 14, 2022. Now is the time to decide if you want to sit for the current one of the new one. We are a little over 45 days out which is more than enough time to pass it. I am still considering passing mine ahead of the retirement date. Becoming a Solutions Architect Professional, is one of Builder program goals. As always I will keep you posted on my certification progress.


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