This Week In AWS Community: March Forth Towards Greatness

2 min readMar 4, 2022

Happy March! And today is also March 4 thhence today’s title. So what am I marching forth you may ask?

  • AWS Machine Learning Week next week March 8–11
  • My AWS Community Builder renewal application
  • AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification
  • Learning more about AWS through my credits

AWS Machine Learning Week March 8–11

If you haven’t heard already, AWS will host its machine learning week starting next wee March 8 th. As a Community Builder on the machine learning, you already know that I’ve registered (You will need a business email in order to register.). This Machine Learning Week will be broadcast in three time zones so wherever you are in the world.

AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification

If you’ve been reading my blog (and I thank you for this!) you would know that I’ve laid out an ambitious certification plan in January. Right now I am enrolled in the Google Cloud Jumpstart Program and CISSP training. These have been consuming a lot of my time. However, I am still working my way through AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification. I will put that good Community Builder free exam voucher to use especially since it is hard to get anything FREE on AWS

Speaking of FREE and AWS, I have stumbled upon BenchPrep. This platform comes through the AWS Skill Builder. BenchPrep houses 20 FREE exam prep questions for each AWS certification. I am thankful for this because before BenchPrep I would have to pay $20 for the PearsonVUE AWS practice exam. You can access BenchPrep through AWS Skill Builder here and give it a whirl!

My AWS Community Builder Renewal Application

I am reapplying for year 2 right after I pass my Solutions Architect Professional exam. I have been checking out other successful year 2 Community Builders’ announcements. I am humbled to be in the same class as chief technology officers (CTOs), senior architect and other C-Level cloud professionals. When I applied the first time, I was all about helping people get certified through my content. I am still doing that and am now getting paid to help people through my content. Best believe you will know right here on when I reapply.

Learning More About AWS Through My Credits

The AWS Community Builder gives you $500 AWS credits to use. Look I am putting these to work especially since there are some new SageMaker features and this thing called Graviton processor. I will be tinkering around the cloud doing that and keeping you posted in future issues of This Week In AWS Community!

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