Curated By Carla — Issue #53 — All About ISC2 Cybersecurity

3 min readSep 9, 2022

Happy Friday! This issue is all about ISC2 and cybersecurity. This past week ISC2 has launched its new One Million Certified in Cybersecurity diversity initiative.

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ISC2 has launced its One Million Certified in Cybersecurity diversity initiative to bring more people into the cybersecurity profession. Its goal is to get 1 million professionals certified in its newest junior-level certification Certified in Cybersecurity.

This promotion has some things that may benefit your career even if you aren’t a junior professionals.

ISC2 Has A One Million Certified in Cybersecurity To Close The Diversity

The ISC2 has a new diversity equity inclusion (DEI) called One Million Certified in Cybersecurity. This initiative is spearheaded to close…

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ISC2 also has FREE official Certified in Cybersecurity Quizlet flashcards. These are great to see more about the exam and decide if you want to pursue this certification. ISC2 is offering its official certified in cybersecurity self-paced online training with the purchase of the $199 exam voucher.

ISC2 Has FREE Certified In Cybersecurity Training With
#Quizlet #cybersecurity #certifiedincybersecurityOfficial Certified in Cybersecurity Quizlet Folder:

The ISC2 is waiving the $50 annual fee when you register for become an ISC2 candidate. I have taken advantage of this opportunity one of my 2022 career goals is…




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